If you love the smell of solder as much as you love patching sounds together, this may be for you.*

Bastl Instruments, the boutique Czech electronic instrument maker, tell us they’ve finished the much-requested kit versions of their modular lineup. They’re not any different from the other modules, apart from you solder them together yourself. Now, of course, that means you can make them not work. But the Bastl crew, innovative as always, have a solution there – a 25€ paid service with the cheeky name “Come to Daddy” lets you pay to have them work it out for you if you break things. Just don’t let the unfinished kit collect dust: the service offers free shipping only for the first 30 days after purchase. Correction: I accidentally wrote the service itself expires after 30 days; it doesn’t. But don’t put off assembly! Do it!

These have too many connections to really qualify as a beginner kit, from the looks of it, but if you’ve assembled some kits before, they shouldn’t pose a problem.

You’ll need your own tools. The kit itself comes with the oak wood panel (unpolished, so you can finish/paint it however you like), a printed manual, tin for soldering, screws for mounting, and a sticker.

Prices (not including VAT for Europe):

Tea Kick – more than just a drum – DIY Kit: 70 €
Noise Square – noise and square source – DIY Kit: 70 €
grandPa – granular sampler – DIY Kit: 143 €
Skis – dual decay + vca – DIY Kit: 70 €
ABC – 6 channel mixer – DIY Kit: 62 €
Come to daddy – repair service for kits – 25 €


More info:

* I feel the same, but please use a ventilated area. 😉