Some things are labeled in misleading ways. Some people will lie to you about who or what they are. Air Liquide’s “This Is A Mind Trip” is … a mind trip. That is all.

“You can’t really understand music / xxx if you haven’t had drugs” always struck me as one of the most annoying and narrow-minded things people say. But you know, if your day is overly normal, and all you have is your computer here or computational device – which I can presume from the fact that you’re reading this – I give you this video:

It’s a music video for Air Liquide, which is to say there’s tons of stacked, chemical-seared chaos melting into your screen. the29nov films, the Berlin-based outlet specializing in music videos, provide the visuals, but under the influence of Air Liquide go somewhere way trippier than usual. Mind trip, not a body trip. (Poet Mary S Applegate, ongoing collaborator, provides the voiceover and poetry.)

There’s a whole wonderful EP to go along with this. “Die Singende Saege” is a chilled out eye of the storm in the center, a dubby interlude that stutters and melts. Then “Zeitgeber 3” powers through at the end.

Liquid Sky have been up to other visual mayhem in its new undisclosed outpost in Portugal (having fled Germany). Acid more of the 303 variety gets densely packed with 90s-ish video layers, in an artist special with guest Sascha Mueller:

And then if you keep scrolling, you get to opera singers overdubbed with modem sounds. You’ve scrolled here, too, so I think you’ve earned this. Bravo.

If you missed what was going on with Air Liquide before, here’s your explanation: