As many have observed (even before Roland themselves caught on), the year 2020 is the sum of 303 + 808 + 909.

So 2020 means some serious techno (and acid techno), and auspicious dates to celebrate March 3, August 8, and September 9. Mark those techno calendars.

If you want to consider the zodiac, you may need a different year. Japan’s Juunishi is derived from the Chinese zodiac, and 2020 (which starts toward the end of January) is the Year of the Rat. Then again, it is associated with wealth, so – business techno? Consider also charm, persuasiveness, artistic talent, and creativity meaning all techno fits.

The closest year of the rat to the Roland machines in 1984, which is a little late. On the other hand, here’s some Cybotron for that year, just so you’re prepared.

Photo (CC-BY-SA) Alexandre Dulaunoy.

Bonus round…

909 + 808 + 707 = 2020. Base 12. 909 + 808 + 707 + 606 in base 15 = 2020. 909 + 808 + 606 + 303 in base 13 = 2020. Someone want to work out something for the 727 or calculate the mark of the devil 666?

There’s some stuff to celebrate in 2121, and it’s sort of what you need in hex, but apart from us being dead maybe then we really should put away these machines.