Update your Tesla, get a (simple) DAW. Trax 0.1 has simple percussion, melody, and step-sequencing and arrangement tools for the car dashboard.

You get pads and a keyboard for playing, a small selection of instruments (pad, synth bass, TR-808), and basic step sequencing and arrangement tools. It looks for all the world like a really simple iPad app, but you will notice the Tesla touchscreen has a fair bit of latency compared to an Apple tablet:

Engadget has the story, though I suspect they got some coal sent to them from Apple for saying GarageBand isn’t professional. (I think it is; I know Apple believes it is. But I digress.)

Tesla puts a music-making app in your EV

My car is the S-Bahn, but maybe someone out there has a Tesla and can tell us how export and other features work. The “0.1” in the version suggests they might add more in the future if people like this thing.

It’s part of the Tesla 2019.40.50 Update, in time for the holidays.

I, uh, do have a driving license if someone from Tesla wants to think of me as a powerful music tech influencer to try this out. Uh huh. Totally.

So why the heck would you want a DAW in your car? Well, Tesla are adding lots of gee-whiz features to their software to show off, obviously. But presumably as Engadget speculates, maybe this is ” a way to capture a flash of musical inspiration while you’re sitting in the parking lot.”

Or mainly to show off your fancy car, as you’re still more likely to use an iPad or iPhone or even Android smartphone with better latency and vastly more storage. That said, it’s nice to see Tesla thinking of music-making as something to add – on that note, I agree with the first tweet.

Now, just give us the ability to hook the dashboard arrangement tool to the car horn, and think we’re really talking.