808 day? 909 day? No, 202 on 0202 2020 comes but once, for real hardcore numerology fans in music – and TM404 is on it.

There’s enough 202-ness here to start your own number cult. And sure, Roland may not be remembering its signature 1983 groovebox today, but

Happy #202Day

Recorded using a single Roland MC-202 as the sound source filtered thru a broken Roland RE-301 and a fully functional Eventide H9.

Released: 20200202 at 2:02 PM CET.
Track pricing: 2.02 EUR.


But I would expect no less from this artist – and he delivers. Hey, you need to do something to pass the time during those bleak Swedish midwinters.

We did already mention 303+808+909=2020. It’s, like, the end times or something.