One extra day in the calendar is clearly a reason to spend one extra day playing with synths and making and sharing music. So we’ve decided to get MeeBlip in on that.

We’ve got synths and accessories in stock in our MeeBlip store now. But we also wanted to reach out to all of you who have one of the instruments we’ve made and hear (and see, if you want) what you’re making.

Part of why I know this will be fun is because I’m always surprised by videos like this one by YouTuber lifeisfortytwo – whoever you are. This is honestly to me the whole pleasure of making independent instruments and independent music, making connections to people.

(Oh, if you’re in this post, you can still message us, by the way!)

We’ll give out some thru5 MIDI splitter kits to reward our favorites, and hopefully give some extra fame to as many as we can.

Here’s how our MeeB-leap Day celebration works:

1. Find a jam or live set or track or whatever you made with your MeeBlip – or record a new one.

2. Upload audio only if you prefer (somewhere like SoundCloud), or video if you’re showing off your synth-tweaking fingers or other graphics (somewhere like YouTube or Facebook).

Send the link to us. Just put “B-Leap Day” in the subject header, and we’ll have a look. Send to:

We’ll point people to your Facebook page or YouTube or SoundCloud or Instagram channels so you can get some extra followers! (Well, unless you really prefer we put them on ours, in which case just say so!) If you recorded some stuff in “Jam-uary,” that counts, too! And we’ll be in touch if we can throw you a thru5 kit.

For more MeeBlip action, here’s the excellent Sensel Morph as a command center for our geode alongside out friends KORG volca beats and Roland SH-01A:

There’s even this clever video showing our MeeBlip cubit go MIDI interface as a smart accessory for the Teenage Engineering OP-Z! (I actually just found this by typing in a search. Thanks!)

And for added inspiration, one more flashback to that time I went and visited Sir HAINBACH:

You can also reach us by messaging our MeeBlip social accounts:

Or come visit the site:

See you on the Internet.