You’ve seen those split-screen music videos. Now an app helps you make your own – and its normally paid in-app purchases are free for a limited time.

I’m posting this mainly because I hope some CDMer out there will do something weird and unexpected with it. But yeah, this is an app from Roland. And there are some useful features in it.

You can load a song onto your device and use that as a monitoring guide. (There are now even some drum performance video clips to get you started, but hey, you’re going to use your own stuff, right?)

And most importantly, the aspect ratios and layouts are handled for you. So basically you can power up your iPad or iPhone and focus on making your music performance work, rather than the tedium of learning how to deal with the video side.

I’m putting this out there in part because I’d love to see an electronic creation in this fashion. Let us know if you do. But it is absolutely useful having the in-app purchases (IAP) for free, because normally this is limited to two videos and doesn’t have full feature functionality.


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