Like a peak-season bounty of fruits and vegetables, music is a haul that’s never too bountiful. So since we’ve featured a lot of music from Iranian-born artists lately, here are Bandcamp links as a reminder.

(I’m about to write up Lebanon, but figured I’ll link these, too.)

Sound artist mHz aka Mo H Zareei has put together a great list, in two parts, even:

For some specific examples…

The experimental duo 9T Antiope is a favorite, including the achingly beautiful Grimace from last year:

And gorgeous abstract textures from Tehran’s Arash Akbari:

I already talked about how much I’m fond of Rojin Shafari’s work. Here’s some more of her sounds, even stranger stuff before her Zabte Sote release Urns Waiting To Be Fed:

Sote has been a cornerstone of the new Tehran scene, and to double-double your enjoyment of his work, why not some remixes from the likes of Rashad Becker and Mark Fell?

Plus basically his whole label:

— meaning don’t forget to pick up Temp-Illusion, if you didn’t already when we wrote about it before:

Tehran Contemporary Sounds has an excellent compilation “from ambient to breakbeats and IDM, which introduces the young fresh underground Iranian artists.”

Arash Azadi has returned from electronic music to putting out his concert writing, which is equally engaging stuff:

I felt fortunate to put out music of his I adored, on our Establishment label:

And speaking of Establishment, why not revisit the live-coded wonders of Miri Kat? Still one of my favorite live-coding works, even if I’m biased:

And there are more, I’m sure, you may have found.

So there you have it, not on any particular trending hashtag today, but let’s be a bit experimental and future-Persian because why not?