Stream burnout is real. But Wedneday’s visual effects-heavy AV lineup from Tokyo is a shot of adrenaline mixed with sugar. On twice: Tokyo time 20:30, again Berlin time 21:00. Ted Pallas reports.

Updated – new link for stream #2:

Wednesday, August 5, Tokyo collective BRDG will be streaming a live performance by Keijiro Takahashi, Yaporigami x DEFASTEN, ai.step, and moxus. BRDG is known for bridging the gap between experimentalism and pop. It would be correct to think of them as “Avant Guardians of the Galaxy” because this will be a visual effects bonanza. 

BRDG has explored the use of technology in audiovisual expressions for a while now, notably with a holographic show in 2016. 

So, if you are feeling stream fatigue, I recommend approaching this one from another angle. A BRDG production is something to see, hear, and feel.  

The stream will be broadcast twice, once for Tokyo and once for Berlin.  

Here at CDM we love all the render engines, and so does the BRDG crew. Keijiro Takahashi is a noted Unity artist pushing the boundary of Unity’s real-time VFX systems.

Yaporigami is an exciting electronic composer who specializes in music at the intersection of club, experimental, noise, techno, electroacoustic. 

Patrick Defasten is well-regarded in the Notch community as a forward-thinking designer and architect of spaces.  [We premiered his work in April, for Detroit Underground.]

ai.step consists of Kakuya Shiraishi and Scott Allen. They will be bringing us a live improvised performance where humans and a machine modulate each other, with graphics on screen driven by choices made by each.  

Live coder Kakuya Shiraishi of ai.step.

Moxus is an algorave stalwart who basically makes magic happen with math.  

Being interested in the notions of “Inter-textuality” and “Subjectivity”, he researches the structures visible in paintings and other visual media by perception and calculation through “Painter Emulator”, the original machine to generate abstract paintings automatically.

All in all, BRDG is packing a whole lot of audiovisual talent into one stream. Though this is BRDG’s first online-only stream, we expect it to have all the energy of their live events.  

Tickets to the stream are name your price – literally any amount of money you can give – and the proceeds will be shared between credited artists and BRDG. Please support them, and name your ticket price, here if you can tune in.


2020/08/05 20:30(JST) Tokyo

2020/08/05 21:00(UTC+2) Berlin (15:00 NYC – 12:00 LA)

Check out the trailer and watch the stream live at: