If you don’t want spoilers before Novation’s reveal of the Aphex Twin hardware collaboration later this month, maybe don’t read this. (And don’t walk down the street in Berlin, either.)

Without even intending to, I realized I was staring into one of the Novation – Aphex Twin posters that have been appearing in major cities. And it’s actually plainly visible on the poster what they’re doing – silkscreened options for microtuning, sequence retriggering (as in the AFX firmware before), arpeggiator copy function, and even cute little Aphex Twin logos to indicate those functions. Huh. We should really all get a logo, huh? Maybe.

So AFX Station it is. Basically what was here:

If you like, I can also leave you secret messages in the streets of Berlin, for anyone else sticking it out here. Should keep us entertained.

It all follows this video from Weirdcore, shared by Novation:

Have a look: