You need a virtual vacation. This one comes with synthesizers, too – courtesy Julia Bondar, who’s not coincidentally Creative Director at module maker It’s heavy – and you’ll want to dance. (Dance off anything you just ate, USA.)

Premiering here on CDM, let’s beam ourselves virtually to Bardenas Reales, the sprawling desert wonderland in northeast Spain that could easily pass as set dressing for Mandalorian or some other far-off planet:

Julia’s excellent, dark and insistent Industrial Symphony came out in September, in case you missed it:

But anyone hanging out around the modular world will know Julia as co-owner of – and its visual imagination, drawing on her background as cinematographer and photographer to bring the modules out of the world of just panels and screws and circuits, into a larger creative context. She’s their Chief Synesthesia Officer, in other words. She’s also splendidly obsessive – her own styling and makeup on that release cover, for instance, while still being singular force behind writing and producing the music.

“I am the visual perceiver and I always had a passion for cinematography and photography to translate more of myself to the world,” the Ukraine native told The Fader earlier this year.

If you need to cool off and take in some sea vistas, check the chillier outtro video from the same album:

Plus, unique dance moves here from her excellent January track and number. Feel like you’re crawling up the walls right now? Dance on them.

She also shares with CDM a window inside her working space.

But this pic could make me just tear up, nearly – we’ll all get there again, I’m sure. (Live show from Madrid.) To Spain as to everybody, take care this season and stay healthy. But no complaints – Julia can certainly remind us to practice those synths, explore visual imagination, and dream whole symphonies.

Link tree at:

And of course when you need to, you know, stock up on essentials (plus see Julia’s handiwork in one of the best-looking, best-marketed brands in electronic musical instruments – all an independent boutique operation, not some big corporation with funding):