It’s a wonder we ever produced music without it. But kids today are lucky – they can get a feature-packed KONTAKT instrument based on a fruit-shaped shaker. It appears to be free through today only, so hurry.

I imagine entirely new genres could be built on this. (Orangecore. Carrotwave.)

It’s free and works with Kontakt Player, so you don’t have to even be a Kontakt owner. You do have to create an account with email and password on In Session Audio’s site. (I just did it myself to try this.)

They have meticulously sampled those fruit-shaped shakers you may have spotted in someone’s percussion kit or gathered at your local music store. Orange, apple, banana, lemon, and carrot are all included.

Apple, orange, and carrot means you could make an AOC – a favorite around here in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Obviously, sample technique here matters, and the developers promise: “we recorded percussion performances, harvesting samples of forward and backward thrusts, accents, twists, and variations of the important “in-between” sounds that glue everything together.”

Okay, seriously, they actually have a pretty involved implementation there for patterns. I’m curious if this can run on Maschine+ soon; then I have a standalone… wait. Okay. Sure, yes. I could actually just get a shaker for a few bucks and, like, learn rhythm. Anyway – still, the sampling is impressive.

NKS compatibility means instant hands-on control of parameters with Maschine and Komplete Kontrol hardware.

If the idea was to get our attention, it obviously worked with me, at least.

Grab it here:

If you missed this deal, I’ll see if we can’t arrange an ongoing deal for CDM readers.