From Lyon’s Grame center, today there’s a free online workshop on patching and coding your own synths, including working with tools like the Faust DSP environment (even on the Web), VCV Rack, Daisy Eurorack, Arduino, Teensy, and more.

The workshop’s been on since 9:15 AM Lyon local time, but you can rewind time on the YouTube live stream. And afternoon European time has some particularly excited additions yet to come. That includes coding your own VCV Rack modules in Faust, embedding your own code in a hardware module in Eurorack (Daisy), and even working graphically to patch in Faust in a browser with JSPatcher.

Faust is a functional language for synthesis and audio effects, also from Grame –

The Google Meet is real-time only and required registration, but the YouTube feed you can tune in anywhere or watch on-demand. Plus, bonus – Romain has given us a little recipe from Lyon. Going to see if I can get that for us.

Live stream:

I’m actually adding notes as we go…

A recorded talk covering Faust DSP on embedded with Arduino IDE – via the ultra-inexpensive, ultra-mobile Teensy platform:

We walk you through building a simple prototype poly synth with Faust DSP, Arduino, Teensy 4.0 and Modular. We are live streaming our talk for the Programmable Audio Workshop PAW 2020 for GRAME Lyon. So watch us gleefully fumble our way through all the neccessary components, and hang out with us in chat while we guide you through our code.

Teensy USB Development Board
Arduino IDE
Mutable Instruments Breadboard Friends

Breadboard friends
Breadboard Friends from Mutable Instruments are clever little ‘helper’ boards for making breadboarding easier, released as open hardware.

Make your own Gramophone as part of the Amstramgrame project, which uses DIY hardware to teach STEAM / code and engineering.

Basically, you get a mobile, self-contained instrument you can program with the powerful Faust environment.


Here’s that how-to video:

Patching Faust in the browser:

Presentation: Design Faust DSP with a Web-based Graph Editor

Examples opening directly in the online patcher:
Faust DSP code lets you prototype quickly in VCV Rack – in dedicated Faust modules, seen here with custom SVG-format vector panel graphics, or in VCV’s own Prototype module.

Faust vs. VCV Rack

Using Faust with VCV Rack

Make your own Eurorack code with Daisy

This pluck echo patch is great, too – Karplus-Strong techno lives!

If you want to combine Daisy and Faust, check:

Plus they’re having great luck with Microsoft Visual Studio Code which, despite the name, actually runs on macOS and Linux as well as Windows and is more like a lightweight code editor. (Hey, there is even an ARM64 version for macOS and Windows. I love that Apple silicon is finally accelerating ARM-native Windows software, too.)

Faust links:

Faust DSP Reference

And more cool extras:

For control, using MCP controllers:

Some examples with the lovely bela platform:

Unrelated to Faust, this morning also had an appearance by a very nice Euclidean Max for Live device:

And a bonus link on working with FPGAs: