One of the best adaptations to this year’s adverse conditions – of course – heavily features the Detroit scene. Techno Club responds to everything wrong with streaming, and if you’ve got some days off and want to bring quality club music home, here’s your shot.

Time is always a fluid and mysterious illusion, which is to say I completely failed to write about Techno Club this year and forgot that there was an excellent Detroit Techno Militia takeover today. But fret not – because the joy of digital is, check your FOMO and hit the archives.

And there is some great stuff in the archives, meaning you get some top quality beats to pick up your move and help your ass recover from too much Zoom calls, stress, and whatnot.

There’s also Tony Humphries on live on Friday, Christmas Day – late for us in Europe, but at a proper nighttime for the Americas.

But you have your choice of excellent stuff in the archives – so make your own lineup. (Pictured: DJ Psycho, courtesy Detroit Techno Militia.)

Last weekend’s archive alone treats you to Jovonn, Temudo, Drox, Detroit Techno Militia, Mike Dearborn, Tony Humphries, Dave Bate, Knob, The Advent, RIVA STARR, Cristina Freitas Ladycc, Robert Babicz, David Cotto, DJemerson, Unklar, Assembler Code, Cari Lekebusch, Production Unit Xero, DJ Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Jessie Belters, Tom Mitchell, DisX3 , Kevin M. Kennedy, and Darryl G Gunter – whew. And there are more weeks to dig through after that.

Speaking of Kevin Kennedy aka FBK, he was one of my favorite interviews of this year (on CDM or anywhere), so here’s your second chance to catch him: has everything that most other streaming sources don’t (looking at you, corporate overlords):

  • Contribute directly as fans, with DJs and producers alike getting paid fairly
  • High quality sound (ahem) without poorly-placed advertising distractions, or that horrible copyright muting
  • Actual atmosphere and curation
  • Troll and hate free (just sayin’, here)
  • Multiple rooms – also including live chat and contests and workshops and other features

It’s great stuff, and I hope more of the kind of model we see in 2021 and beyond – because clearly we need, you know, The Internet with or without a pandemic, and The Internet (mainly The FaceBook and YouTube) in 2020 was basically a plague unto itself more than a solution, on balance.

But of course it’s more likely that a real solution comes from the scene that made this music, rather than a far-off transnational venture capital tech conglomerate. (We love you, we do. Well… anyway, we love your game consoles and cool smartphones, mostly. The trolls and hate and depression and such we could do with out.)

Check it here:

And yes, it is called Techno Club – but can go right along with rooting for, say, Washington Football Team. 2020 is all about the nice generic names.

I know it’ll be a big part of my go-to soundtrack for the coming chillout.

I’ll have a belated conversation with the folks behind this, so stay tuned. And maybe it’s time to do an overview of the best streaming in 2020 since we so badly need alternatives – your nominations welcome.