The small community of people who design electronic musical instruments has lost a unique imagination. Word arrived yesterday that Wlodzimierz “Wowa” Cwejman of Cwejman Music had died.

Photo: Takamasa Aoki.

Maho Cwejman shared the news via Facebook:

I’m incredibly sad to say that Wlodzimierz Cwejman (Wowa ) passed away yesterday. Wowa was an incredible man making great things and I love that we made so many together.

Right now I hope you appreciate I need some time but will come back as soon as possible with an update to Cwejman. I want to thank everyone for your support and kind words?

Wlodzimierz Cwejman 1949-2021

Thanks to everyone who sent this my way.

Wowa Cwejman has a long and legendary history in the creation of original synthesizers, dating back to the 1970 SYNTHRA. That legacy got rebooted in the last two decades, with a new generation of Cwejman instruments – their own S1 modular, as well as the more accessible Eurorack line of modules, with its own complete catalog.

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Wowa Cwejman was unquestionably the driving force and mind behind these instruments – and his particular personality was all over the company and its output. (I don’t want to speculate about the future of Cwejman Music yet; his survivors promise an update and now have plenty to process.)

I feel fortunate to have encountered Cwejman thanks to Andreas Schneider. My condolences to family and friends and everyone who worked with him. I know it’s especially hard to lose people right now.

Sound on Sound‘s Gordon Reid, as Synthtopia notes, wrote a rich 3-part series on the modular line – as good a way to remember and know a synth designer as any, through their work.

Cwejman Synthesis Modules: Part 1
Cwejman Synthesis Modules: Part 2
Cwejman Synthesis Modules: Part 3

And here some videos on the creator and instruments:

He also figures in the 2009 documentary on Schneider’s synth outlet, Totally Wired.

Synth Anatomy has written a kind and personal obituary: