Techno palace Berghain has never been so adorable as in the work of illustrator Virginie Kypriotis. And now you can load it on your iOS device – perfect for anyone deep in third-wave pandemic club withdrawal.

Berlin’s iconic club has inspired plenty of unofficial artistic interpretations, but Kypriotis’ work by contrast already earned its way into the treasured calendars/programs the club put out. Her work is an empathic, kawai, in-the-know mini-world oozing with detail. It’s the sort of imagination-firing artwork you’d get lost in – but rendered in augmented reality, it’s even more charming.

“Enter The Club” is a collaboration between Kypriotis, 3D modeling and 2D animation by Paris/Brussels studio Un Oeil Sur Tout, and development in Unity Engine by BYZANCE (a “customer experience consultancy” between Paris and Dubai). Just make you have some storage free, as all that artwork takes space – 1.1GB to be specific.

There’s even some music by veteran Ostgut resident DJ/producer Nick Höppner.

And yeah, that’s another mark for Unity Engine. More on what’s new in Unity world this week – even as it remains neck and neck for artists with Unreal Engine. (Basically, odds are you’ll wind up using some engine starting with the letter ‘U.’ They do have unique strengths and devoted fanbases, each.)

Actually on my phone, in my flat, so like meta-meta-Berlin.

To see her work in context, set the techno time machine to December 2017:

Of course, you can buy the poster.

And you can look up all the old designs and (for regulars) get all teary-eyed here [NSFW, obviously, some of them – oh wait, everyone works from home now so not even sure that acronym still works]:

Hey – who’s old? You’re old. picked some especially terrifying/dreamy creations, including rats on meat by our friend Evelyn.

Find the app on the App Store:

ENTER THE CLU‪B [iPhone/iPad]

And more on Virginie and her work: