It’s called the Mega Sound Designer Loop Crate Vol. 2, but CDM readers may want it for Voltage Modular Ignite and DCO-106 (Juno 106). The latest Humble Bundle unlocks all of that for US$30+, and benefits Little Kids Rock and Stop AAPI Hate.

I normally skip over Humble Bundle’s audio stuff just as I’m not normally in the market for a bunch of loops, but the pricing is really inexpensive and you can direct some money to charities.

This one, up for a couple more days, does have some extra bonuses, though.

Voltage Modular Ignite is a reasonably-sized starter kit of modular stuff for Cherry Audio’s excellent modular environment. It’s not the full bundle package, but it’s a serious set of a view dozen tools – and since Voltage Modular works well as a plug-in, this also means you’ve got modular effects as well as a modular instrument. – plus tons of free presets that would work with this version

Also included is Cherry’s DCO-106 polysynth, a gorgeous emulation of Roland’s JUNO-106. (There’s also the MG-1, but that one is also free from Cherry Audio’s own site anyway.)

That’s already up to about US$75 even at discount pricing from Cherry, at $25 bucks instead.

Through 11:00 Thursday June 3:

Now extended through June 17:


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The rest of the stuff is of course what Humble markets, at a wider audience. It includes Mixcraft, which is a solid package and serious GarageBand alternative for Windows – could be worth getting that license to someone you know who keeps bugging you for where to get started in music production at an entry level. And there is a wide, wide variety of loops and samples, covering a range of electronic genres and glitch and … well, this is pretty hilarious:

All that being said – if you were into DCO-106 and Voltage Modular, this is the most inexpensive way to get into them.