Yes, yes, Olympics, all that. At least Shinjuku is establishing just the leadership we would expect in making enormous projected cats peer out from buildings in eerily realistic ways.

Here’s a glimpse:

There is also a live-stream version – ooh, this makes me miss Tokyo and the outside world even more:

Given Tokyo’s new state of emergency, we may have to go virtual-virtual / meta-meta here. But if you can read Japanese, there is a detailed project site:

And yes, it is VISIONCAT!

The grand opening broadcast starts on Monday the 12th, and evidently involves the cat doing cat things from 7am in the morning until 1am at night. But it has already drawn crowds and international media attention.

It’s a high-traffic area – 3-23-18 Shinjuku, right at the entrance of the JR Shinjuku stop (as you can see in the video) and Kabukicho. They’ve got 4K LED displays curving across a space over 500 meters wide – one big cat, in other words. Yunika Vision built the project, which runs across a multi-story event space, too (hopefully one allowing pets), with Cross Shinjuku Vision providing streaming. And since it is Japan, of course, it also comes with loud stereo sound.

I also appreciate that there’s a cat cafe and a pet shop next door, coincidentally, it seems:


Anyway, Create Digital Motion fans – can you top this giant cat? Let’s see your work. Hit us up.