Draw a synthesizer with another synthesizer with MIDI by playing a keyboard and… well, GLASYS surely just won the music nerd Internet for the summer, no?

The Portland, Oregon-based artist, aka Gil Assayas, is making plenty of original music as producer, singer, keyboardist. That does tend to attract Internet attention when Metroid gets involved, or T-Pain or Todd Rundgren collaborate. (Or a combination.) But if you didn’t catch the left-handed finger-drumming-with-right-handed-keyboard chops, here’s the mind-blowing technique for you.

Piano roll pixel art. Live.

Actually, make that two LUMI keyboards from ROLI. I never bought into the light-up keyboard concept until now. Now? Now it’s totally necessary. Interesting to hear him talk about the challenge, too:

So that’s the most meta creation, but there are others. You can turn sound on; they’re all surprisingly listenable. Among Us:



Oh yeah, and GLASYS did go visit our friends at Sequential.

I can ask Dave Smith, but I am reasonably certain he never would have expected at its inception for MIDI to be used as a pixel art painting protocol.

Thanks to my sister for using Twitter more effectively and clueing me into this one.