Every so often, a module comes along that just gets straight to the point in a way that hits you instantly. So there’s reason to be excited about WireMechanics’ new Spices saturation module.

CDM gets a special heads-up on this one, and I do intend to cover it in more detail once the dust from Superbooth settles (or the rainstorm blows through, more like it). Meanwhile, here are the basics –

It’s an analog harmonic saturation module – crank it for brutal distortion, dial in something subtler if you just want to add some harmonic color.

The clever thing here is not inventing something new, but focusing the design. (And I love the scatterbrained quality of the Eurorack world, but sometimes you do want something with some elegance.)

So you get two big, friendly knobs for independent control of even and odd harmonics – adorably called ‘salt’ (2nd order) and ‘pepper’ (3rd order) here. Actually, the more I think about it, the more that metaphor fits.

And there’s a dry/wet mix.

2 outputs, mirrored – so both a TRS balanced 6,3mm (1/4″) and one 3,5mm (mini) jack.

CV controls the mix knob, which is also simple but totally useful.

180° phase flip.

The notion of the circuitry inside is to scale distortion from clean to heavy – for more precision and choice than your average rodent-ish stomp pedal, that is.

There’s a Kickstarter coming, and you can sign-up for a chance to win your own via the email list.

Oh, there’s also a promising-looking Ableton Link wireless hardware device coming from WM – but more on that separately soon. Stay tuned.