Erica Synths is one of many makers to have hardware plans hit by supply chain chaos. But the good news is, that epic PĒRKONS drum machine is adapted and coming soon – and got some new features in the process.

PĒRKONS HD-01 was originally slated for “the end of 2021” – and won’t quite make it. Erica posted an updated this week to say they’re revising the PCB to adapt to new parts based on availability, without compromising on quality. Anyone working in hardware is familiar with this process – at the moment. It’s often down to individual suppliers and individual parts, which makes planning and scheduling tough, especially as a small maker. (I’ve had that conversation countless times, and we experience it first-hand making MeeBlip stuff.)

It does sound like the PĒRKONS won’t be delayed very long – preorders are coming at the beginning of the year, and I’m hearing optimistic stuff.

But here’s the even better news – they’ve tweaked the design and usability. They’re a bit cryptic about that, only saying they’ve “actively continued the development as well as improved the user interface” and that a newer, better HD-01 will have demos soon.

You can see for yourself in the product images, though. (Erica confirmed the ones they sent out to the press represent the updated design.) I had to squint a while, but then I looked more closely at the lower right-hand corner.

It’s just a few little silkscreened details, but they’re enticing ones. The bottom four buttons now get dedicated RATCHET, ODDS1, ODDS2, and PROB labels. And the trigger keys for subdivisions are updated, too – the slightly simplistic options on the original revision have been expanded for more quick-hit sequencing –

x2 1/2 2/3 10%
x3 1/3 3/4 25%
x4 1/4 4/5 50%
x5 1/8 7/8 90%

That’s just what’s silkscreened on the case; I’m guessing we get some other improvements, as well.

Full image; click to embiggen: