“Picked up this machine at a local garage sale. The owner said he picked up in the 90s and it was not working. Poking around and fixing the power board, it fired up and it turned out to be a tracker sampler. Looks very similar to a modern tracker?”

Okay, so obviously this is not actual 90s hardware, though – mmm, those light-up keycaps and trackball might have a few of you pondering a custom build to make it a reality. Aisjam made this beauty, with more than a few design cues not only from the classic Commodore Amiga 500 but also the Apple IIc and Apple’s “Snow White” era.

I mean, at the very least this is worth sharing just so someone hacks together a custom keyboard.

And the groove is nice, plus that desktop.

Well, we’re in the middle of a chip shortage, concepts may be all we have now. (Ideas, at least, are not backlogged for 15 months.)

Some folks really want to add MPC pads to their Nintendo Switch, but it’s just a design concept. Well, unless InMusic is listening and … can find parts.