The new Renoise stretches samples, scales UIs, shapes curves, more

Renoise, the gorgeous, obsessive production tool that makes the tracker modern, gets a point release with some very good stuff. High res UIs, custom envelopes, native time stretching – and yeah, it’s a host and a plug-in, too.

SunVox update arrives on multiple platforms and now there’s a web player too

The latest SunVox update arrives on multiple platforms as always and with this release there’s a web player that allows you to play generative sunvox tracks in your browser

Ashley Elsdon - August 4, 2018

SunVox is 10, and it is truly something worth celebrating

SunVox, the massively cross platform modular DAW is now 10 years old. Sunvox runs on iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and macOS plus there are versions for PocketCHIP and Pi. You can even run older versions on PalmOS

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