Erica Synths’ LXR-02 drum synth, made in collaboration with Sonic Potions, gets one very important missing feature – autosave. And we’ve got some new kits and patterns, too, from our friend Hrtl.

Autosave is a big one – you no longer lose your clip on reboot or if you forget to save or if you tug out the power cord. (did that, yes, yup that too)

And so one of our favorite drum machines gets some nice tweaks and fixes. I also noticed a couple of these bugs, so glad to see those patched, as well:

– new feature: Autosave feature implemented

Kit and pattern changes are automatically saved 2 seconds after no further changes are made and stay persistent during reboot. When user selects save kit/pattern, files are saved to tmp folder on the SD card, persistent after reboot and manual pattern change. When user saves the project, tmp folder is cleared and changes written to project. When user reloads project, all temporary changes are discarded.

– fixed: Clipping in OUT 2 mixer routine
– fixed: Delay only uses one channel as input
– fixed: Screensaver errors

It’s nice to see that full explanation of how they implemented autosave.

Download and update instructions

The other LXR-02 news is that we get a new batch of kits and patterns from Hrtl. Now, part of the joy of the LXR is just going in and tweaking, honestly, but it’s beautiful at the same time to see what Hrtl is up to with it:

Fresh kits and patterns for the LXR-02 from Hrtl!

Plus in other news – yes, the PĒRKONS HD-01 IS SHIPPING, for Erica’s larger and more analog, though also brutal, drum machine.

Hrtl, aka Czech-based Leoš Hort, is always busy with loads of projects and playing. If you’re in Czechia in September, you can catch some sets around the country next month. But as I know, statistically speaking, most of you are elsewhere, you can instead take a virtual trip to “Czech Paradise” in Leoš’ cabin – as in this live modular show:

… or go back to the OG LXR from Sonic Potions (ideas still applicable to the Erica 02 reboot), here complemented by Bast’s Thyme:

I wrote some deep-dive guides on the LXR-02 which are hopefully helpful to you if you pick one up: