The latest browser-tab antidote to bad news – treat yourself to 30 seconds of acid with some trippy animation.

Acid Hit is one of a number of algorithmically generated projects by Pi Songs. This particular rendition spits out mega-chilled 303-driven ditties and spiraling animations:


Created in collaboration with algorithmic visual artist Jeffrey Ventrella, each 30 second Acid Hit is a love letter to the Roland TB-303 Bass Synthesizer. Also released as an edition of 500 eco-friendly NFTs on the Tezos blockchain

If that’s not your speed, check out ambient creations or psytrance-ish techno.

Oh, and what’s the “pi” thing about? Well, that’s a 2020 project that uses everyone’s favorite irrational number to make music lasting about 114 years:

A music generating algorithm was composed to produce music using the first one billion digits of pi (π). These digits supply the “turn signals” that determine every musical expression in the song. Each digit (3.1415…) is responsible for orchestrating approximately four seconds of music. The electronic instruments and sound samples were prepared by the composer in advance.

Via Patrick DSP. By Canton Becker of Santa Fe, NM.

And of course this uses the awesomeness that is Tone.js: