microGranny 2 was discontinued – but it gets one last lease on life, in a very limited Monolith edition. It’s a “final form” for the beloved 8-bit, lo-fi granular sample instrument.

Microgranny (or microGranny, or MicroGranny, or Micro Granny – sorry, Bastl are driving my inner copy editor nuts) has been through several editions with different software. This version is cosmetically updated and has some extras with artist Bogdan Raczynski, but otherwise represents a microGranny 2 with the latest 2.5 OS. That included lots of usability and stability improvements, as detailed on the (end-of-life) microGranny 2 page.


MicroGranny also lives on GitHub, with a library you could theoretically use to make your own Arduino-based lo-fi sampler. (Well, if that is anyone, it’s someone who reads CDM.)


This is newsworthy as, in this era of changing hardware, it’s great to give MicroGranny one last send-off.

And, I mean, also – stickers. Stickers are a big deal, no? (I do love that approach… might have to hit the Syntakt in the same way; it’s got some buttons calling out for something to be stuck on them.)

I think they’re tongue-in-cheek when they describe Bogdan as an influencer – this will be the same Bogdan with a discography on Autechre, Bjork, Ghostly, Planet Mu, Playstation, Rephlex, and Warp, which I hope means something to someone these days. I love the music, for sure, and not only for the recent banana motif.