Bastl Instruments Pizza 1.1 is here, updating the wave-shaping and FM Eurorack oscillator module. Think more modulation, a new internal envelope mode, internal filtering, and even the ability to turn it into a full 3-operator FM voice.

Pizza was already an intriguing, tasty oscillator in a packed space. But as Eurorack moves away from unitaskers to deeper functionality, this Pizza just turned into, uh, deep dish and that’s all the pizza metaphors for today.

What’s new in the 1.1 update:

  • An integrated envelope as a new control destination
  • A second independent FM index
  • A coarse pitch mode
  • Ratio oscillator output can now be sent via the pulse output
  • Low-pass filter for FM modulators to reduce crackle when you’re cranking SHAPE to the extremes

…plus various improvements to tuning calibration, knob behavior, and code optimization (plus some filtering and other fixes in point releases they’ve done since launch).

With that parallel FM index, you can really make this into a complete 3-operator FM voice. And the onboard envelope lets you dial in VCA settings, normalized to the FM index.

Bastl already were onto something here – a clever 3-oscillator design, easy access to FM modulation, and a creative layout design that gives this some personality. So it’s great to see the added maturity in the design.

Release notes [PDF]

if you’re ready for more detail, you can read the updated manual:

Pizza oscillator [PDF]

Oscillator Sink have also created an in-depth video that is both manual and set of examples – a bit like a mini-course in synthesis around this oscillator.

I have no clever puns here, but I am hungry.