Sweden’s Teenage Engineering keeps adding to the OP-1 field, successor to the original OP-1 candybar multi-function synth / micro workstation. The latest surprise – a vocoder – following up on November’s addition of velocity sensitivity.

Okay, first, velocity sensitivity isn’t so much to write home about, except that it is on this tiny, ultra-compact instrument. So in case you missed November’s addition:

Velocity is a big deal on such tiny keys, and there was a lot to go along with that update.

  • Three velocity settings (off / soft / hard)
  • Integration of velocity with internal sequencers, plus transmission over MIDI (for using the OP-1 field as a controller)
  • Tape speed to external clock
  • Mono/stereo setting toggle for line in
  • Pre-tape panning
  • FM transmit frequency sync with the OB-4 for – yeah, not FM as in synthesis, FM as in synchronizing FM radio transmission frequencies

Now onto today’s update – vocoder. And yes, they’re continuing the theme of dressing up in space suits, which, hey, why not?

Set the input source (built-in mic, headset, radio, or even USB audio in), and play on the keyboard.

The vocoder is 20-band with controllable filter bandwidth and formant shift; the carrier is a custom 7-oscillator poly synth variable from single sawtooth to pure white noise.


  • blue is a one knob synth engine
  • ochre is formant shift
  • gray is number of bands
  • orange controls the dry/wet mix

Good stuff.

As it happens, there’s more to say about Teenage Engineering so – stay tuned to CDM.


Firmware update: https://teenage.engineering/downloads/op-1/field#1-4-2


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