Forget buying licenses, In-App Purchases, or subscriptions. The future is a fistful of quarters and heading down to the Music Arcade! Meet the Beat Machine arcade machine from Endlesss.

I love the serious launch video, starting at Stonehenge. And yes, there’s Imogen Heap gushing about being whisked into flow, though we are talking an arcade cabinet here, so not entirely the most practical direction for hardware:

It’s got everything, even a drop quote from BT. (Ah, memories.)

They are seriously making these, though – in quantity of 25 to start. And there are some real features here:

  • 24″ touchscreen
  • Buttons, joystick, and XY controller
  • Integrated speakers (plus TRS outs and an XLR or instrument plug-in for your instruments, and USB-C)
  • Open Mic Mode set up for use in jams, events, etc.

There’s a full-blown Windows machine behind that touchscreen, meaning yes, you could also install arcade emulation and swap between Endlesss and CONTRA.

I wish I had a well-funded startup so I had a well-funded office so I could buy one and put it in there. Hey, uh, anyone wants to fund CDM? We’re probably doing something with AI. Give us money and find out.


Oh, for everyone who is not currently experiencing back pain and other ailments, the answer to “what is an arcade”:

Only solutions.