This graphic will definitely not reassure folks who are afraid of Eurorack buttons that have multiple functions. But there is now a visual cheat sheet for Noise Engineering’s Mimetic Digitalis sequencer. And stick around for tips on switches and – believe it or not, actual musical form!

I’ve been hearing great things about this one, including from Black Potion (who’s a big Noise Engineering user). She’s leaning on that shred button.

I’m intrigued for sure. But I’ve found myself lately making cheat sheets for a number of modules because my brain is a little slow with all those combos. (I should play more video games; that’ll help!)

Rochefksy is on it:

Here it is in action, with a bunch of Plaits:


Mimetic Digitalis: Cheat Sheet + More []

But wait – there’s even more from Rochefsky to help us out with Noise Engineering’s stuff. That Vice Verga switch –

… and you can use it to make song structures and variations. You know – form! I buried the lede here.

I mean, “noodling” is a form, too – seriously. But you might want the possibility of not having every composition be “a massive bowl of noodling.”

Here’s what happens when you put Mimetic Digitalis and Vice Verga together for extra steps:

Tons more on their channel.