Few people can power through a live set quite like Detroit icons Lenny and Lawrence Burden – and few can plaster a table with quite this many synths and drum machines. Behold the joy of Octave One live.

The Burdens are obviously pondering their live rigs, so who am I to argue? As they put it, “it’s all about the love of the machines!”

That sent me down a linkhole revisiting some of the best vids they’ve done. So while we keep an eye out for what they’re up to next, here’s a look back:

First, the masterclass they’re mentioning:

A great profile of the Burdens as artists and how they’ve developed, from a few years back:

DJ TechTools also broke down their live rig once upon a time:

And yes, the camera loves them. Just get ready; it may look like your gear wishlist came to life:

And some more live sets. Turn it up and make your room a dance floor:

Here’s Lenny’s own video for their “Whatever She Wants”:

And their official video for Tiers (Level A):


You will spot some dates already for 2023 if you want to catch them live – from Italy to Montreal to Colombia to Amsterdam to, yeah, of course Movement.


We’ll be watching.