It’s often Eurorack and something else that makes a workable live rig. Here’s the wonderful Trovarsi showing off some ideas working with the Novation Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks.

It’s not that there aren’t good sequencers in Eurorack format. But it’s often ideal to have one piece of external gear – for budget, ergonomics, and just having some readily-accessible controls away from the wires.

Trovarsi quietly did a two-part series on this for Novation. In part one, there’s a jam with Circuit Rhythm:

Part two came out recently and is where this gets juicier – the Circuit Tracks adds both additional voices and sequencing, which is a strong suit.

The Bass and Lead synth voices are coming from the Circuit Tracks and the textured voice is coming from the Nanobox. The drums are a combination of percussive elements from the four drum channels on the Circuit Tracks and the 6Mod6 eurorack module.

Both the audio from the Nanobox and the 6Mod6 are routed through the two audio inputs on Circuit Tracks, and are being sequenced by Tracks using the two separate MIDI tracks.

The nanobox from 1010music is another great choice – and includes samples. And there’s my still-favorite case, the Intellijel 4U Palette.

So, any Circuit users out there working with Euro? What are some of your other favorite desktop companions to your modular rig? Let us know in comments.

And check out Trovarsi’s whole channel here:

Some examples for techno heads:

And here’s a guest spot by Julia Bondar (see you at Superbooth!)