Befaco’s new Fx Boy multi-effects module uses Game Boy cartridges as add-ons for its analog effects, and some of our favorite manufacturers are involved. Just remember, it’s a bad idea to blow on the carts.

In a very un-Nintendo move, fully six carts will come with the module. So straight out of the box, you get effects from Feedback Modules, Making Sound Machines, Tesseract, Touel Skouarn, XOR Electronics and Befaco themselves. Befaco writes: “You can expect old fashioned flangers, aggressive folders, dirty bitcrushers, fuzz galore and trashy distortions!”

Each of those carts is physically involved in what you get, too – these are analog effects, not just firmware loaded on a cartridge digitally.

There’s an actual practical benefit here over digital multi-function modules – no more connecting a USB cable just to swap functionalities, and remembering which effect you’re using is as easy as looking at the cart. And, I mean, it’s stupidly fun.

It seems a nice analog complement to the digital Befaco Lich, which has quickly become my favorite module since you can run custom FAUST and Pd creations on it. This has a similar control layout with the same spacious layout and high-quality encoders and caps.

You get two primary controls (X and Y) with dedicated CV amount encoders and CV ins, plus dry/wet (with dry/wet CV in). A highlight apart from the carts is the four-band EQ, each with its own CV in. You’ll also see switchable controls – at the bottom, EQ is obviously pre/post FX, though I’m not sure what the A/B does, I’ll ask. “Out” appears to be an LED indicator?

That’s already a nice effects layout, with plenty of CV control.

This one is coming in the summer both in assembled and DIY form; pricing TBD.

Instant win. Watch this space.