Sound recordist, producer, audiovisual producer, and modular experimentalist Behrooz Farahani is spinning deep ambient excursions live in modular. And sometimes there’s literal spinning.

That’s the case on this Eurorack sound art jam, with spinners creating additional acoustic vibrations:

We should send Behrooz some special love right now as he’s caring for his dying father. There are ruminations on life and death in his prolific recent sound explorations – but also an EP that calls for everyone to “be kind to each other.” These productions come from Tehran and as you see on his Instagram take us on strolls gazing into the waves of the Caspian Sea.

There’s this beautifully somber, brooding track “Dark Labyrinth,” which comes with my favorite mastering message ever – it says that we can listen to them “safely.” (Yes, your mixing and mastering should absolutely do that!)

“Be kind to each other” can almost be heard tuning in some mystic universal frequencies on the dial, in undulating layers of sound. The artist says he’s working with modular, in this release with the addition of a KORG MS-20 mini.

From April, there’s this glowing, pulsing live set, bathing you in warm blushes of steady beats, a real mind trip. As he writes, “All sounds recorded live . You can see visual in your mind ,with this sounds. Close your eyes ‘ just listen ‘ visuals will come auto..❤”


Sometimes his tracks take the form of more regular architectures, steady arpeggios, though even those are disrupted in layered rhythmic dissonance:

I love this sort of thing – a sense of urgency but also organic layers, unsettled landscapes full of tension:

Behrooz is also half of the duo TakCharkh with Hesam Kardan (the latter now based in Berlin) with the occasional addition of more personnel; you can catch their joint efforts: