The semi-modular Sleepy Circuits Hypno is a unique generative visual and video looping/processing device based on Raspberry Pi. Mylar Memories made this cute walkthrough video showing how you might use it. (Photosensitive trigger warning.)

Have a look:

Some great features here:

  • Animation and LFOs
  • Cross modulation
  • Feedback
  • CV control (here with the excellent Moog Mavis)
  • Working live with Eurorack
  • … and some notes in comments on cameras, MIDI, HDMI and HDMI capture, etc.

More details on the hardware – and you can buy this assembled or unassembled, with or without the Raspberry Pi.

There’s some great analog video gear out there, of course, but if you don’t have the space or cash to build an entire video rig, this sort of approach is a real option. There are more demos on the site.

Looks really nice, although – has anyone worked out something like a 16HP module that’ll run Hydra? I’d be all over that in a second!