It’s about time the glorious low pass gate, that staple of West Coast synthesis, got a stereophonic treatment. Make Noise just added to their stereo range with the DXG Dual Stereo Low Pass Gate and Mixer.

8HP, $215 MRSP – so it’s not a bad deal even if you just want to add a dual lowpass gate to your system. Note the handy knob by the “STRIKE” control, and yes, either of the gates can operate in mono mode (using the left input). There’s an additional third aux in, which apart from mixing applications should make this useful for that sort of “snappy gated plus ungated” signal combo.

Here’s the teaser video:

And a little more:

The Dual Stereo Gate (DXG) music synthesizer module is a Dual Stereo Low Pass Gate and Mixer. It follows in the footsteps of the QMMG, Optomix, RxMx, DynaMix, and LxD. Unlike its predecessors, the DXG is specifically oriented around mixing stereo signals, making it an important addition to any system containing modules like XPO, QPAS, Morphagene, Mimeophon,Spectraphon, and other stereo modules by Make Noise or others.

On Wednesday, they promise a complete intro and overview; tune in here:

PS, I missed actually writing about this last month, but it’s nice to see a new firmware from the great Tom Erbe coming to Spectraphon – meet SpectraNoise if you haven’t already: