Take your mind, body, and soul on a holiday to a world of sonic invention. I mean, literally Poland in January is not going to be everyone’s #1 holiday destination pick, but Polish music? That’s another story. this full hour from our friend (Kasia) Gościńska represents the bleeding edge of production at its finest, and Bandcamp lovers, oh yes, we have links. it’s IDM, it’s techno, it’s broken bass, it’s electro, it’s leftfield experimental – you’ve seen those dropdowns when submitting music to streaming. It’s just good.

Finding a track and putting it on repeat is one thing. Finding a mix and playing it over and over again — that’s something else. That requires a proper vibe. So we look to Warszawa-born, Berlin-based Gościńska who did this killer mix for Loose Lips. Kasia, for her part, is both a DJ and a staple of the scene between Berlin and Poland, a driving force behind regular underground events on both sides of the border. That includes her work on Sfora, the inclusive festival she’s running in the summer. Her mixes are unlike any others partly because of her deep connections to unique new production talent, particularly the oft-overlooked skill set of Poland. Eastern Europe is worth your time and consideration both because it consistently produces sound outside the copy-paste fashions of the West and – either in spite of that or because of it, gets way too little attention.

But just like that Black Techno Matters comp, I know this is just the kind of smart groove that a lot of CDM readers will enjoy. So have at it.

Yeah, if the scene took 25% of the time it spent complaining about how bad modern music is and just focused its attention on quality with that energy, imagine where we could be.

Your crib notes:



Lensk – Interlude (Fragile) => @jerome-worldwide
Kevin Murf – New Mental => @regime-brigade
Blu Terra – Lang => @lucynaorg
IWANN – Cold Welding => @splot-wro
Lotus Reaction – Hidden Room => @narocz13
Exthract – Simulatione => @natur_wav
Mchy i Porosty – Czarna Plaża => @bruitage
DJ Dying – Rabbit Hole => @ruchy47
Phatrax – PRRRAH => @phatrax
2Shy – Nexu Modes => @splot-wro
Mislaw – Pipe Dreams (Rethe Remix) => @calosc
Internal explorer – Space Tribe => @internalexplorer
Evius – Power Stabbing Movement => Potop Records
Kuba Sojka – Dancing Spirits => @calosc
Flowdan – Welcome to the Jungle (Holoe Bootleg) @holoe
Yes Stanley – scheme => @regime-brigade
Gosha Savage – Coconut (TBH Remix) – @goshasavage @tobiasz-jankowski
Truant – Irregular Step (Holoe Remix) => Potop Records
Aloupe – Shelley => @00effort
Melania . – Fly Butterfly up to the Sky => @bunkaiterepoto
k:i:o:s:k – Desire Path => @00effort
ya.khub – cyber.breaker => unreleased
shhron, Somnolent Works – Putaton
bijū – new 170 unreleased
Baby Meelo – W$ERC00DALEJHARDCORE (feat. Kogutto the Gzikmaster, PLAL, Uki) [prod. Baby Meelo, PLAL] => @regime-brigade


Wait. A reader (hilariously) accused me of “fawning over” marginalized groups too much, with the suggestion that I’m promoting Communism. Well, fawning, yes, Communist, no, not since 1989, try to keep up. Most of these people weren’t born yet, even if that makes me feel old.

Fawning, I mean – when it’s deserved, let’s go full fawn.

Oh yeah, and if you need more than one hour, have at this fire closing from OHM Berlin recently. I love this style, like brain aerobics.


The set is a patchwork just like the artwok, but of various sounds that streamed out of me during the closing set of an audiovisual Meccanismo event in one of my fav clubs in Berin – OHM. Both the concept of the event and the genre-fluidity inviting venue inspired me to glue together diverse bits of my music library.
Inside: some slavic vocals, cinematic soundscapes mixed into bass, footwork, 4×4, experimental rhythms, ambient, 2step, electro, dubstep, dnbassy stuff.