It’s like someone took all those questions you see on forums and Facebook groups and built a module out of it. Line input? Mixing? Noise source? S&H and slew? Put it all in one 8HP module.

I love this. It’s the Leatherman of Eurorack modules. Wait, no, I don’t like Leatherman or Swiss Army. Dull knives and useless gadgets. It’s the 8-in-one hand blender/mixer of Eurorack modules! I’m not getting married so I need like a “music tech blogger registry” or OnlyFans or something for one of those, please.

Just look at everything on here:

→ Stereo line in to Eurorack level converter & mono splitter.
→ Four input summing mixer with break out attenuator.
→ Slew limiter circuit with gate input for switching on and off.
→ High quality sample & hold circuit with low ’droop rate’.
→ Analog White noise generator.
→ Buffered multiple with LED polarity indicators.
→ Normalisation between sections for simplifed patching.
→ Skiff friendly with reverse power protection.
→ 2 Year Warranty.
→ Made in England.

And yeah, I literally just spotted in my algorithm someone uncertain of how to run some stereo input like a synth into a Eurorack skiff for effects. Plus when you need some extra mixing and signal attenuation, or a noise source for percussion, or using slew to make some slide lines (like on a 303), or pattern manipulation, all those widgets are here.

160 GBP – that’s $199 street in the USA. It’s available from Perfect Circuit (preorder, but those are arriving soon according to ALM):

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Mega Milton Compact Utilities

Also quite useful:

Mega-Tang Stereo Mixer + 4-Channel VCA

More info:


Stockists: (“resellers” or whatever we say in US English but – sounds better this way, like you’re going to buy some of Doc Schneider’s Miracle Elixer)