Intellijel just dropped their new all-in-one synth voice for modular. The successor to their one-voice, SH-101-inspired Atlantis is the expanded Atlantix – and it packs a whole lot of fixins’ in that 42HP.

This might just be the first all-in-one synth voice for modular that I find really desirable. There is of course something of a paradox in making a synth voice for Eurorack; the whole point is to be modular. But here’s one that makes sense: give you all the basic building blocks in a coherent interface, and do it in a way that’s space efficient.

Beginners should be in the mind of module makers, particularly with a lot of the market stalling. But you want to make a synth voice that’s good enough that some existing Eurorack owners start thinking about how to sell some modules to make room.

And this could be that. Dual oscillators, filter, amplifier, sample & hold, noise, and envelope are all here, ready to mix with whatever weirdo modules you want to add, but making sure you’re never without the basics. With 32 patch points and a bunch of switches for routing, it also looks like it’s built for modular, rather than just a synth voice someone stuck into a rack.

Oh, plus you get the stuff that I like on Intellijel gear in general: clever, thoughtful design, and lots of sound design options. The multimode filter has tons of modes. FM is readily accessible. Modulation is easily assigned. The envelopes have a bunch of features. You can dirty it up when you need to. There’s a ton on here as far as routing, but you can also add an expander for even more.

Some other nice selling points:

  • FM-friendly oscillators with thru-zero FM, complete with dedicated amplifier for FM depth (index)
  • Buchla Easel-style “spike” waveform output on VCO B
  • Flexible oscillator routing, including running audio from the VCA alongside filtered audio, a la Yamaha CS-80
  • Self-oscillating filter which also tracks accurately
  • Add a $59 expander and you also get ring mod

Atlantis was nice, but a lot of said “sure, we can do that with other modules.” This time around, especially with Atlx as the expander, Intellijel moves the needle further into must-buy territory. I’m curious to test this one; it just popped to the top of the list.


  • Cascaded 4-Pole multimode filter with LP2, BP2, LP4, BP4, HP4, and Phaser modes
  • Two Triangle Core VCOs
  • VCO A: Thru-Zero FM with INDEX and PWM, Hard/Soft Sync, Octave switch
  • VCO B: Linear FM, LFO/VCO switch, Hard Sync, Octave switch
  • Suboscillator with three modes spanning two octaves
  • White and Pink noise sources
  • Six-channel mixer comprising VCO A Waveforms, Sub, Noise, and two Aux inputs
  • Aux inputs have switched normals with sources from VCO A and B for quick paraphonic play without patching
  • Mixer Aux 2 can be routed post-VCF / pre-VCA
  • Mod X and Y buses allow for quick modulation routing of VCO B, S&H, Noise, and feedback sources without patching
  • Both Mod X and Y buses have polarity and level-shifting switches
  • Analog ADSR envelope with three time ranges, manual gate, and level (velocity) input
  • Patchable Sample and Hold modulation source
  • Asymmetric and symmetric output distortion modes
  • 20 Sliders, 4 Knobs, 27 toggles, and 2 Rotary switches for expressive hands-on control
  • 32 Jacks for creative and complex patching options
  • 16 additional jacks with the optional Atlx expander

All for $699. Excellent.

We also already have two sound demos:

Intellijel Atlantix

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