You can bring Juneteenth Black Techno Matters energy directly to your screen from live events across the US and an international livestream (Liber8URL). (Or if you’re in a host city, go in person.)

In case you missed it, I’ve already written up Black Techno Matters’ expansive Liber8 project – including a breakdown of essential mixes and a new compilation:

Juneteenth has now crept up on us, and even though the date commemorates US history, BTM is bringing their music to global audiences and incorporating the work of Black artists from outside the USA. That includes the results of the open call I talked about — so I’m curious, actually, if any CDM readers took them on that – let us know!

At the moment, I’m listening to a pounding, dynamic mix by Nairobi’s [M] / @monrhea_ / visuals by @domrabrun.

You can catch the global (online-only) URL stream right now on Twitch, or head to the Twitch channel:

There’s a full page of US streams, too, from those events – perfect if you’re unable to make them in person:

If you’re in Pittsburgh or San Francisco, there are live events tonight as part of the continuing events series – so don’t sit there reading CDM; go check them. DC I understand is doing a live “dance march” to the White House and you are presumably on your way already – full support.

Glad to hear what comes of all of this or more music, particularly from the oft-overlooked Black international artist community. And the rest of us should use this as our daily added reminder for reflection and action.

For instance – in Chicago, AFRORACK (not to be confused with the Ugandan artist of the same name!) is now fundraising for their educational efforts. They’re unaffiliated with Black Techno Matters (at least directly), but worth mentioning here:

AFRORACK: Juneteenth Freedom Song Fundraiser