I’m all for more drum machines for iOS, and especially for universal app drum machines. MV08 comes for the developer of Poly, James Milton. Poly was pretty cool, so I’m hoping that MV08 will be too. Here’s a bit about the app:


According to the developer the MV08 ships with over 200 16bit 44.1k wav files that have been faithfully sampled from one of the most important drum machines in history. On top of the original voice controls the developer has also added pan, pitch and two send effects per voice, along with a master 3 band EQ and Distortion. So there’s no shortage of sound design controls.


The MV08 has a classic XOX style sequencer together with some powerful updates. All of the voice controls can now be sequenced per step, giving you freedom and the possibility to create evolving and innovative rhythms. Each pattern can be 1-64 steps long and played at either a 16 or 32 step resolution.


The MV08 has 8 banks of 16 patterns giving you a total of 128 user patterns to play with.


  • Over 218 rich 16 bit 44.1k wav samples
  • 60 individual samples for the kick drum alone
  • Additional pan, pitch and 2 x send effects per drum
  • Deep step editing to create dynamic and evolving rhythms
  • Master distortion and eq
  • Choose between 16 and 32 step resolution
  • Change the amount of steps for interesting time signatures
  • 128 pattern slots
  • Record and share your sets
  • Audiobus and Ableton Link compatibility