I’m not sure that I’ve actually managed to talk about AC Sabre since I’ve been at CDM, so now is a good time to introduce it ahead of talking about what’s new in the app. AC Sabre is essentially a full performance instrument in your iPhone. You can use it to control almost anything. The app is a wireless MIDI instrument and motion controller for anyone who’s interested
in electronic music production.

AC Sabre reads your movements with the built in gyroscope and accelerometer and translates them into musical actions. It lets you pluck invisible strings in the air while controlling up to 7 additional parameters, intuitively with your movements, via MIDI CC messages.

In the latest version there’s support for Audiobus 3, together with automatic Bluetooth advertising, zero-tap, auto-connection to iPad via new free “AC Central” app. Audiobus state saving both locally and to iPad via AC Central. Hands free mode now works when AC Sabre is in background.

So all in all a fairly substantial update. In there is mention of AC Central, the iPad companion app that’s free on the app store. AC Central is a free auto-connection hub for the AC Sabre Motion MIDI Instrument. AC Central takes the hassle out of getting connected to your favourite synthesizers, samples and other sound machines. Plus, combined with Audiobus 3 (separate purchase, well worth it!), you can save and recall your complex multi-app setups and MIDI mappings with the touch of a button…

AC Sabre on the app store:

AC Central on the app store:

Finally, here’s a little video showing the AC Sabre working with the Moog Model 15 app.