If you’re looking for ways to control a modular via your iOS device then CV Mod could be a useful tool. CV Mod is a 2 LFO/VCO Oscillator Module meant to be used with modular or semi-modular synth hardware. To use the app you simply connect the headphone output of your iPhone or iPad to one or more CV or audio inputs on your hardware. In order to get the most out of the app, you’ll need to use a stereo breakout cable to separate both the left and right audio channels. By doing that, you’ll now have 2 additional LFOs or full range oscillators added into your system.

In the spirit of modular synthesis, you have complete control over each oscillator’s parameters via external MIDI. You can also modulate one oscillator’s frequency and phase with the other oscillator’s rate and depth controls. With two drawable wave table editors, you can create whatever wave forms you like, unleashing a vast sea of possibilities.

Intuitive controls via the main faders, XY pad, or MIDI CC make this an incredibly easy way to add more modulation and sound sources to your gear.

Key Features:

  • 2 Oscillators that function as LFOs or sound sources with 5 frequency ranges: 1 Hz, 4 Hz, 40 Hz, 120 Hz, and VCO mode (full range). This wide set of ranges allows for ultra slow ambient filter sweeps and rip roaring ring-mod madness
  • Choose from 8 different waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Reverse Sawtooth, Square, Random, and two user defined shapes
  • Wave Table grid editor allows you to draw 2 custom waveforms
  • Multi-touch control of each oscillator’s rate, depth, and phase with easy to use faders
  • Fine tuning control of each oscillator, + or – one octave
  • Separate glide controls for each oscillator, with a configurable maximum glide time of 120 seconds!
  • MIDI Keyboard control of an oscillator’s frequency allows you to play notes and use this app as an additional sound source in VCO mode
  • Duophonic mode allows you to play two notes at once when both oscillators are controlled by MIDI keyboard in VCO mode
  • XY Pad allows you to control up to 3 parameters, with the Z-axis mapped to touch pressure (if your device supports it)
  • Tempo Sync feature that constrains each oscillator’s rate to subdivisions of the current tempo, when operating in one of the LFO modes
  • Rich MIDI implementation allows you to control all oscillator settings via MIDI CC with MIDI learn. In addition, you can control each oscillator’s rate and the overall depth via pitch wheel, mod wheel, velocity, aftertouch, and note values (key tracking)
  • Cross modulation capabilities allow you to modulate one oscillator’s phase and frequency with the rate and depth of the other oscillator
  • Ability to save presets and wave tables
  • Tempo override from external MIDI clock
  • Pitch bender range control (maximum of 2 octaves)
  • Background audio mode
  • Oscillator pan controls: each oscillator can be panned to the left channel, right channel, or center
  • Aftertouch sensitivity control (allows you to take it easy on those older keybeds)
  • Bit depth resolution reduction controls for each oscillator, which opens up even more possibilities

CV Mod is on the app store and costs $4.99