I’ve always thought that 3D touch was a much underused technology on iOS. There haven’t been enough apps that have supported 3D touch in my opinion. So it’s great to see an update to Aftertouch. Version 2 brings Audiobus 3 compatibility and plenty more. However, if you don’t anything about Aftertouch then it’s probably worth giving you some background to what the app actually is.

Basically Aftertouch unlocks the musical potential of 3D Touch, turning your iPhone into a velocity and pressure sensitive MIDI controller. The app sends MIDI note and control data to other apps via Core Midi and Audiobus (now obviously Audiobus 3), or to external hardware via the Camera Connection Kit and via Bluetooth MIDI. It also includes a built-in synthesizer so you can start making music immediately.

In version 2 this is what’s new:

* Audiobus 3 as a MIDI or Audio Source
* Saving and loading layouts as presets
* Constraining MIDI notes to a scale
* A new sawtooth built-in synthesizer
* Send CC values for easier MIDI learn
* Customizable Note-Per-Channel mode with MPE, and selectable channel range
* Glissando mode

So if you’re looking for something more expressive to come out of your iPhone, then this might be exactly what you need.

Aftertouch is available on the app store for $2.99: