Exploring Live 11’s new features with Push hardware

Who’s up for chance modes? Scales? Polyphonic pressure? Exploring Live 11 on Push hardware means you can get away from the screen and get your hands on some of the new stuff. Here’s how.

Live 11 also turns Push 1 and 2 into more expressive polyphonic instruments, magically

So with all this talk about polyphonic expression in Live 11, what about Ableton’s own hardware? It turns out existing Push and Push 2 hardware transforms with the new software.

Peter Kirn - November 11, 2020

Aftertouch • 3D MIDI Controller gets even better in version 2.0

Aftertouch • 3D touch MIDI Controller for iPhones gets even better in version 2.0 and adds Audiobus 3, both audio and MIDI

Ashley Elsdon - August 28, 2017

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