4Pockets have done it again. They’ve added to their growing collection of new audio unit plugins for iOS with a new couple. The first is a stereo reverb, and it comes alongside an auto-wah. This adds to their portfolio, which includes: Audio Expander, Parametric EQ, Phaser, Stereo Graphic EQ, and a Panning Delay.

Stereo Reverb

This is an AUv3 compatible stereo reverb which can be used as a plugin with your favourite DAW such as Cubasis, Meteor, GarageBand or Auria.

This digital stereo reverb comes equipped with low and high pass filtering as well as independent damping. You also have control over stereo panning of reverb trails with an optional audio pan feature. This is quite a versatile effect that improves upon many of the default effects that ship with most DAW’s.

Stereo Reverb costs $4.99


This Auto Wah can perform many different filtering effects but it’s main purpose is to simulate a traditional WahWah pedal such as those used by guitarists.

It also simulates other types of effects such as complex filters, vocal morphing using formant filters, phase wah as well as tremolo and panning effects.

All these effects can either be free running or input level controlled making it a very useful and expressive tool.

Auto-Wah $4.99