If you’d thought that you were done with spending money on apps from Audio Damage then I have to disappoint you. Now they’ve released QuatroMod. The app is both an AudioUnit V3 effect, and also a stand-alone effect for use with Inter-App Audio. It’s the kind of app that really appeals to me, so I’m keen to give it a go, and I hope that it’s as good as apps like Effectrix.

For now here’s what Audio Damage have to say about it:

Take our classic Liquid through-zero flanger, Fluid multi-mod chorus, Vapor diffusion chorus, and FreqShift frequency shifter (from our Eurorack hardware line) and put them all in one plug-in, and you have a true powerhouse of stereo-insert modulation.

FLANGER: The through-zero flanger mode is our Liquid plugin in all its glory, with Haas Effect “Offset” control and invertible feedback for extra widening.

CHORUS: The chorus mode, based on our original chorus product, Fluid, later extended in to the Dimensions module for Eurorack, has six delay lines modded at different rates for one of the thickest stereo choruses available. The DIM-D mode does what you’d expect, changing the topology to match that venerated box, but with all the control of a modern chorus.

DIFFUSOR: Our Vapor plugin, recreated here as the Diffusor mode, is essentially the diffusion block from a reverb, rewired to act as a chorus. The secret snare weapon of many a producer, this mode is an unique effect that will reward experimentation.

FREQSHIFT: One of our most popular Eurorack-format hardware modules, here thoroughly reworked for the DAW context. Once you use this mode in a slight upwards shift on pads, and you’ll never use anything else.

QuatroMod costs $4.99 on the app store now:

And if that wasn’t enough, now Audio Damage teases us with even more …