Auxy has been making it easier to make whole tracks since December 2015, and version 5.1 takes it another step forward. In this version AuxyCo have redesigned scene view and a number of improvements to simplify track making:

  • The scene view can now be open while you arrange loops
  • New play controls let you skip between scenes and toggle loop mode on/off without opening the scene view
  • Loop and scene previews have been redesigned to make things easier to find
  • Loops can now be labeled
  • New color options added for instruments
  • Each row of loops now fills the entire screen width
  • Loops that are not active in any scene will get slightly dimmed and thereby easier to find if you want to delete unused loops in a project
  • You can now solo an instrument while while you tweak the sound
  • Sound tweaks can now be accessed in the loop editor
  • Long-press a sample slot to copy and paste it
  • Tap the tempo slider to change the tempo one BPM at a time
  • The maximum tempo has been increase to 300 BPM
  • Exported stems and MIDI files should now have proper names

Please note that the export options have been moved to the settings page.

Also note that they have replaced the original demo sounds with a smaller set of “free” sounds. The main reason is that they want to increase the quality of the sounds that new users get to test. We also want to make it clear that Auxy is a premium app and we are committed to building an awesome experience for paying users. Thank you all for supporting!

In addition, they’ve fixed a bunch of bugs just as you’d expect:

  • Fixed a crash when opening project links
  • Fixed various iCloud issues
  • Fixed packs sometimes not unlocking right away after the subscription has been renewed
  • Prevent project files from breaking in rare cases

Auxy is now free on the app store with a subscription