EQ is just one of those essential plugins you can’t do without. Some are great, some are not so great, and some are great but hard to work with, which is just frustrating. Working with iOS apps that both do the job, and do it in a way that makes life easier is a joy to be honest. Especially when you might be working in less than perfect environments such as on trains and buses, where dealing with less than perfect interface design can be deeply annoying.

So when I took a look at the Blue Mangoo Parametric Equalizer I thought I’d take a look at any App Store reviews first to see if it’s something to take seriously. This is what I found:

“I use an equaliser on all my Audiobus preset configurations for iOS synths. I was fine with the way another EQ audio unit app sounded but frustrated with the user interface. I’m a lot happier with this app. It sounds the same as the other app I was using before but the UI is uncluttered and I can dial in my sound more quickly.

There is just one slider on the right that controls the Q of whichever filter you currently have selected. Aside from that, you just pull filter control points into place to set gain and frequency. They automatically disable when you set gain to 0 db, or when you pull the low pass or high pass filters out of the audible frequency range.”

So that’s a good start.

The Blue Mangoo Parametric Equalizer is an audio unit plugin, with six bands of filter controls:

  • Low cut and high cut with adjustable Q (resonance)
  • Two bell filters with adjustable Q
  • Low and high shelf filters

Blue Mangoo Parametric Equalizer costs $2.99 on the app store now (sounds like a bargain to me)

* Blue Mangoo Parametric Equalizer is an AU3 plugin. It runs within an audio unit host app such as Garage Band. It does not run as a standalone app.