Cubasis has become one of the stalwarts of the iOS DAW. It continues to get updated on a very regular basis, and with each fresh update comes features and functionality that makes it easier and better to use. Version 2.5 was only with us back at the end of June. Now we have version 2.6 and it brings a series of useful, and also surprising updates.

Audio Unit full-screen support

Tweak sounds and parameters with utmost accuracy, using Cubasis’ super-sized full-screen support for Audio Unit instruments and effects plug-ins. Enjoy maximum productivity, creativity and flexibility, switching between the available screen sizes at lightning speed with only a few taps.

Full screen AUv3 is going to be very useful, especially if you have a smaller screen. This is just the kind of thing that makes life simpler in iOS music.

ROLI NOISE Seaboard and Drum Grid visualizer support

Experience a new approach to making music, using ROLI’s free downloadable NOISE app within Cubasis. Create inspiring drum and melody parts through intuitive gestures, using the unique Seaboard and Drum Grid visualizers, now directly accessible via Cubasis’ Audio Unit full-screen mode.

Now this is a really interesting, and, quite frankly, an unexpected development. In part you can see it as a part of the full screen audio unit update, but also it is a strange specific feature to zoom in on. Not that it’s a bad thing in anyway, but just a bit unusual.

However, as you can see from Doug’s video below, he’s very excited. So perhaps I should check it out a bit more before I form a definite opinion.

MIDI CC support for compatible Audio Unit effects plug-ins

Easily remote control your favorite compatible Audio Unit effect plug-ins via external controllers. No matter if you’re moving effect knobs via MIDI Learn or switching presets via program change — if your Audio Unit effects plug-in supports it, it can be done in Cubasis with great ease.

Another nice update that will be popular with lots of users.

Maintenance and improvements
Obviously, and, as you’d expect, there’s a bunch of bug fixes too.

Finally … It’s also worth saying that Cubasis is on sale as are it’s in app purchases. The main app is currently $23.99.

Cubasis on the app store: